St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

The Way, The Truth, The Life

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Our Senior Team

HeadteacherMr Tom Collins               
Deputy HeadteacherMrs Annabelle Spacagna
Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)Mrs Jennie Trimmer
Assistant Headteacher (Infants)Mrs Rosie Evans
Assistant Headteacher (Juniors)Mrs Jess Birtles
Leadership Support

Mrs Pascale Mulreany

Nursery ManagerMiss Diane Haslett


Our Reception Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Miss Molly Longman (Year Leader)  

Mrs Alice Payne 

Miss Sally Rycroft

Mrs Sophie Osborne 




Miss Emily Halling

Mrs Kayleigh Howell

Mrs Helen Mcintyre

Mrs Giada Liddy

Mrs Rachel Robertson

Mrs Anna Webb 

Mrs Karen Willis


Our Year 1 Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Miss Teresa Egan

Mrs Kaye Knight

Mrs Simone Richardson

Miss Lucy Young (Year Leader)



Mrs Milena Fernandez 

Miss Zoe May  

Mrs Karen Menzies

Miss Ciara Penfold

Mrs Caroline Quigley

Mrs Ros Warham


Our Year 2 Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Miss Kirsten Hilborn

Mrs Léonie Johnson (Year Leader)

Mrs Simone Richardson

Mrs Anna Thomas


Mrs Naila Bhatti

Mrs Jody Inwood-Pells

Miss Rose Killen

Mrs Emma Margenout

Mrs Paula Silvester


Our Year 3 Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Miss Carol Chetwood

Mrs Catherine Gonella

Mrs Kathleen Jones

Miss Helen Moore (Year Leader)

Miss Emma Cogger

Miss Zoe May

Mr Stephen Williams



Our Year 4 Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Mrs Rachel Dollner 

Mrs Katie Eadie

Mrs Christina Holme 
Mrs Therese McSeveney 


Mrs Rachel Allen

Mrs Laura Lewis

Mrs Dannis Leung

Mrs Agnieszka Milkolajczyk

Mr Stephen Williams


Our Year 5 Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Miss Ani Nicholls (Year Leader)

Miss Holly Ayling 

Miss Claire Basham


Mrs Laura Cavaller

Miss Rose Killen

Mrs Katie Le Vallee

Mrs Sharon Trowbridge


Our Year 6 Team

TeachersTeaching Assistants

Mrs Katie Jopson (Year Leader)

Mrs Eleanor Baston

Miss Imogen Blake

Miss Mary McRae

Mrs Pascale Mulreany 

Miss Becky Hall

Mrs Gen Holland

Miss Shannon Lordan

Mrs Gabriela Ramirez



Our Inclusion Team

Pastoral LeadMrs Becky Sewell
Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)Mrs Catherine Alongi                       
Inclusion Support AssistantMrs Katie Le Vallee
PE Assistant Mrs Janet Yarrow


Our Admin Team

Finance Manager Mrs Louise Mitchell
Office Manager Mrs Tracy Hilbert

Administrative Assistants

Mrs Michelle Alderson

Mrs Nicki Dunne

Mrs Julie Ribeiro


Our Premises Team

Premises & Network Manager Mrs Julie Galvin                  


Mr Cadel Chalk

Mr Melvyn Sparrow

Caretaking Assistant Mr Genaro Quezada


Our Midday Supervisor Team

Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs Katie Le Vallee

Midday Supervisors 


Mrs Kajana Maharajan

Mrs Marzena Malinowska

Mrs Aneta Nawrocka

Miss Jessica Peacock 

Mrs Diana Pilling

Miss Leanne Simmonds

Mrs Angela Stentiford

Mrs Heather Thomas